Who can apply for EB-5?

Anyone who can demonstrate the ability to invest the minimum required amount into the American economy, and also be able to proof that the investment capital is obtained from a legal source.


What is the minimum required investment?

Minimum qualifying investment amount is $1 million. In targeted Employment Area(High Unemployment Rural Area) the minimum requirement is $500,000.


Does the investment capital have to be earned by myself?

No. For example, the investment capital can be a gift from your parents, and you will have to proof the fund is from a legal source.


What is “Targeted Employment Area”?

It is a rural area or a geographical area that has unemployment rate of 150% of the national average rate.


How many EB-5 visas may be issued per year?

10,000 EB-5 visas are available each year, which includes both principal applicant and accompanying family members. 


Can my family members obtain permanent resident status?

Yes. Your spouse and unmarried children (under age of 21) can also obtain permanent resident status, through your EB-5 investment.


If my dependent child is over age of 21, can he accompany me to USA?

No. If your dependent child is over age of 21, he has to submit a separate application.


Do I need to speak English?

No. EB-5 does not have language requirement.


Do I need to have business experience?

No. EB-5 does not have business experience requirement.


What are the differences between a permanent green card and a temporary green card?

USCIS will first issue a temporary green card(2 year validity) to you, upon approval of I-526 petition. When USCIS can confirm that your investment has created at least 10 permanent jobs in 2 years, you will be eligible for a permanent greed card.